Raphael Kabo

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As a slam poet, I have performed on stages in Australia and the UK, and at a number of festivals including the Australian National Folk Festival, You Are Here, and Art Not Apart. I've also co-run a poetry slam and MCed many poetry events, and lead performance poetry workshops for teenagers.

As a quiet poet, I have been published online and in print, in Australian and UK journals, and I try to make as much of my poetry available online as I can.

As a publisher, I co-run Pilcrow Press. We publish poetry and experimental fiction by young, new, or otherwise unknown writers.

As an academic, I am studying for an MA in English Literature at King's College London. My academic work examines the relationships between contemporary subversive literature, spatiality, psychogeography, and urban existence, with a particular interest in the spatialities of contemporary protest literature from the UK and beyond.

I also make zines, design websites, translate, edit, cook, and enjoy trains a lot.

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The Rest

  • Through Pilcrow Press, I edit and design Prowlings, a tiny, print-it-yourself journal of microfiction and poetry.
  • Boullion is a beautifully simple flat-file blogging engine which I will get to finishing one day.
  • I once built a database of my home library.

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