Raphael Kabo

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Personal Ramble

I am a performer, writer, and reader of poetry, an author of short stories, a traveller, a wordsmith, a slam poet, a web designer and itinerant coder, a collector of mental paraphernalia, a maker of zines, an incubator of brain eggs, a very good cook, a rubbish actor, a passable playwright, a writer of love letters to cities, an excellent editor, and an ardent believer in the power of Shakespeare to cure all ills.

I have lived in Australia for twenty-one years and in the UK for one, and am in Canberra in 2015.

Poetry & Fiction

You can read my words on my Tumblr and on the Lucubratory Collaboratory.

My poem 'Changeling' has been published in The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, available on Amazon.

A couple of my microfiction pieces have been published in Flashers: Labyrinth and The Band That Played Forever.

My short stories Arabeth and Snow have been published in Chalk Path Books' anthologies - read an extract from Arabeth here.

Some of my slam poems are on YouTube and Soundcloud:
The Butterfly Poem
The Night They Set Canberra On Fire
Baba Yaga

Brain Eggs & Paraphernalia

  • Tuna & Turmeric is a cooking blog. It is normal cooking for normal people who make terrible mistakes and buy cheap wine and occasionally cook delicious things.
  • Prowlings is a zine-in-the making.
  • Boullion is a beautifully simple flat-file blogging engine.
  • I once built a database of my home library.

Upcoming events

  • Nothing on in the next while.


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